If you need to inquire about Bayer product, please contact us through the following telephone:

Hotline: 400-810-0360 (available by mobile or telephone)

We will try our best to provide you the information about Bayer products, but we can't propose any specific diagnosis and treatment suggestions for patients' conditions. If you have any discomfort after medication, please go to see your doctor and receive timely medical treatment.

If you want to report a side effect or quality complaint, please contact your health care professional (e.g. treating physician or pharmacist) or your local health authority, Inquiries can also be directed to:


To ask other question about Bayer China, please send e-mail to 云南快乐十分走势图快乐十分走势图 .


Bayer 150 years

To celebrate the anniversary, numerous events are planned to take place around the world.

About Bayer

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, agriculture and high-tech materials.


Innovation plays an important role in overcoming global challenges and is a key driver of future growth at Bayer.


With our distinctive knowledge of people, animals, plants and materials, we intend to focus in future on the areas of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials.


Read more about our economic, ecological and social challenges and opportunities.


Looking for a job in an innovative company? Learn more about Bayer and the opportunities available.


This area provides news, videos and publications, as well as overviews of social media channels and mobile apps of the Bayer Group.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a highly socially responsible company, the Bayer Group for its operations around the world to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen.
About Bayer
Bayer is a world-class innovation company with core competencies in the fields of health care and agriculture. Bayer develops new molecules for use in innovative products and solutions to improve the health of humans, animals and plants. Bayer’s links with China have a long tradition, going back to 1882 when the company first came to China. With the country now among the fastest-growing markets in the world, Bayer has stepped up its involvement in the region.
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